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She’s So Keen But How Do I Tell Her I Only Want Something Casual?

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Though you may think that having a fuck friend is going to be amazing, and it can be, but you might find that there are some bumps along the road. Fuck Friends Online

One such bump can be that she wants something a bit more serious than you might be willing to get into.

If you find yourself in this situation with your fuck friend, you will need to tell her that you are only looking for something casual.

How do you do this? Well, there are a few things that you can do. Read on to find out more:

Break it To Her Gently
You have to realise that it is taking a lot of courage for her to tell you how she feels…even if she is going about it in a way that is a bit annoying.

One of your choices when telling your fuck friend that you only want something casual is to break it to her gently.

The best way to do this is to let her say what she needs to say and get it off her chest.

After that, you will want to sit with her and say that you respect her feelings and that you understand.

However, it is not something that you are looking for right now and you think that it might be too difficult to continue on this path.

Being in a fuck friend relationship where one part of the couple has feelings for the other, it almost never works.

Not Working? Be a Bit More Bold
If your fuck friend doesn’t quite get the hint when you break it to her gently, you may need to get more bold. Though you want to avoid being mean to her, a friendly reminder can be a good idea in this situation.

If this is the second or third time that you have had to tell her that you are not interested in anything serious, she isn’t getting the message.

This time, you should remind her again that you don’t want a serious relationship and you think that it’s time to end this situation.

For you, this will be fine as there are many other women who are looking for a fuck friend that will be available to you.

Tell Her Through You Actions
If she is still chasing you, and hasn’t gotten the message that you don’t want a serious relationship, you might want to consider telling her you aren’t interested through your actions. For instance, start sleeping with other women.

Get an online profile up for casual dating and start meeting other people. This way, she will know without a doubt, you are not serious about it. Another thing that you can do to get the message across is to start talking about other women.

By telling her that this woman is sexy or that woman is hot, again, it will be a good message to her that you aren’t interested in anything serious.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can tell your fuck friend that you just aren’t interested in anything serious, even if she is.

The truth is, these casual relationships simply won’t work if one of the people in the relationship has developed feelings for the other.

They only work when there are no feelings involved. This is also why these sex based relationships don’t often have a lot of longevity. Though these relationships can be very fun and quite exciting, they also will not be the right type of relationship for everyone.

If you are currently dealing with someone who can’t take ‘no’ for an answer in a casual relationship, it is definitely time to utilise some of the above information.

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